Uplevel messaging clients with superpowers

Communication with your clients has never been so crucial

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Answer your customer's questions automatically 24/7.
Convert missed calls to new clients.
Reduce time on repetitive tasks, confirming appointments or visits to your business.


Provide 24/7 automated service to your clients

Our automated receptionist is available 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week.

Reduce your staff's stress

By freeing time on repetitive tasks, your staff will be less stressed, working on other tasks.

Talk with your clients the way they want

89% of clients want to text with businesses.

Reply to all of your clients

95% of the text messages are seen in less than 3 minutes.

How does it work?

Call Rescue

Call Rescue will send an immediate automated text, as soon as a call is missed.

Automated Assistant

Our assistant analyzes client messages and is able to answer pre-trained messages. In case of the client asking something that was not trained, it notifies the staff and hands it over to them.


We help you to be in touch with all your clients via text message.

Digital Waiting List

Maintain the order of your business, control the flow of your clients and keep them updated on their shifts.

Your client will receive a text message when it is their turn, when they are next on the list and when they are the third person on the list.

Appointment Requests

We handle repetitive tasks for you. We will gather all the information required to book an appointment with you.

Appointment Confirmations

We know that calling your clients to confirm their appointments takes a lot of your day. Why not confirm them through text messaging?

Or better, why not automate it?

Measure your Business

Take a look at key business data, such as missed calls, the customers you have communicated with and those still to be answered.

Have the best service for your clients!

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