Talk to your patients 24/7 automatically

Our automated receptionist schedules appointments by: managing missed calls, answering questions from your followers on Facebook and chatting with your potential patients from your website.
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What our customers say

“BrainHi has become a fundamental part of patient retention efforts of our office. Of all the strategies we have tried, BrainHi has had the best return on investment in not only attracting patients to our office but also engaging with them.”

Dr. David Bernier

“With BrainHi, interaction with our patients improved dramatically. Highly effective to expand the reach and marketing of our office.”

Dr. Emmanuelli Algarín

Dental Group in Caguas, Puerto Rico

What are the benefits of our product for your medical practice?

Answer to your potential patients at all times

Our automated receptionist is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reduce the administrative pressure of your staff

By freeing time, your staff will increase productivity in other important tasks, like billing.

Answer 100% of your potential patients

An average of 30% incoming calls are missed by healthcare offices. Our automated receptionist makes sure this does not happen again.

Talk to your potential patients the way they want to

Attract 60% of patients who prefer text-based communications over making voice calls.

Optimize your communication systems to offer the best customer service!

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How does our service work?

We incorporate the automated receptionist to your Facebook and / or website, in seconds.

We integrate the automated receptionist to your phone systems.

The automated receptionist answers non-medical questions automatically.

The automated receptionist schedules appointments or refers patients to the right place.

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